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Gevo is a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company.

We are dedicated to delivering low carbon sustainable fuels and chemicals. CO2, THE greenhouse gas is our renewable carbon source. We know it’s possible to replace the non-sustainable, greenhouse gas generating fossil carbon-based chemicals and fuels used all across the world today with renewable carbon alternatives. Our technologies make it possible. We want it all: fuels for cars, airplanes, trucks, small engines, boats, and ships. We want to replace the carbon source for major packaging plastics like polyester and polypropylene. Done right, we enable production of protein that helps feed the world. With sustainable farming, we can help farmers capture CO2 in the soil, improving soil quality. Together, with our customers and partners we can change what’s possible, and do our part to positively change the world. 

At Gevo, we’re focused on sustainability in every facet of our business, from suppliers and the energy used in our processes, to how our products impact the market. It’s fitting then, that Impact is what we call our annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) report.

2020 IMPACT Report 

Corporate Responsibility Documents